A business glossary done right can be a directory of the importance of data to the business, with specialized definitions and relationships. It can democratize the understanding of specific data, terms and processes in the enterprise. It’s obvious why this is useful, but most implementations of business glossary leave value on the table and fail to enable data users.

What Makes a Valuable Business Glossary?

Defined Business Terms: Business glossaries must contain a list of all business terms and their associated definitions. This must account for terms which mean different things to different areas of the business to eliminate ambiguity.

Contextualization: A valuable business glossary must place each term in both its data and business…

Data catalogs are now an integral part of enterprises; organizing, contextualizing and providing discovery of data. The larger an organization becomes, the greater the potential value of its data catalog. Thus, the importance of ensuring a data catalog is implemented correctly increases as your organization grows.

If the catalog or its implementation aren’t sound, minor oversights can cascade into grand problems that come to light later on. The result is always heavy effort-drain and expensive programs to remedy the issues. …

If you’re reading this, you’re probably well aware of the importance of data privacy today. Governments are aware, too. All over the world, increasingly strict regulations which govern the data privacy standards that organizations must comply with are coming into effect. Enforcement is becoming both harsher and more common.

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most famous example of this. The legislation mandates that all companies have serious data privacy processes which respect the rights of EU citizens to control their personal information. But rushing into attempting compliance is not good enough. Regulations such as…

All over the world, increasingly strict regulations which govern the data privacy standards for large financial organisations are coming into effect. Enforcement is becoming harsher and more regular, with costly fines and reputational losses following non-compliance. A Deloitte survey found that only 40% of banking customers trust major banks to keep their information secure.

This is the case despite financial institutions being subject to the greatest degree of scrutiny and the highest compliance standards of any industry. But these regulatory changes, in tandem with technology-enabled innovation, are driving opportunities and not just risks. …

In the midst of an all-encompassing pandemic, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) has emphasised the privacy obligations of organizations with respect to health information.¹

“Health Service Providers” reported the highest number of data breaches of any type of organisation between January–June 2020.²

Although the focus of the OAIC’s recent advice is handling health-related personal information during the COVID emergency, it remains relevant to all categories of sensitive data.

The need for Data Protection

Data is gathered and stored to…

Alex supports governments on every step of their journey to data excellence.

Governments do a lot at the best of times — they make our world run. We have seen global and local crises intersecting on an unprecedented scale to begin this decade. The advent of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the associated political, health, logististical and economic fallout has heightened the…

There has never been more urgency around data-driven decisionmaking.

Gartner research indicates that the impact of COVID-19 disruptions on organizations’ digital business initiatives was vast. The overwhelming bulk of respondents to a Gartner survey indicated that the global pandemic caused them to accelerate digital business initiatives, with another 68% responding that they changed their IT operating model in the…

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