How Governments achieve data excellence with Alex.

Alex supports governments on every step of their journey to data excellence.

Governments do a lot at the best of times — they make our world run. We have seen global and local crises intersecting on an unprecedented scale to begin this decade. The advent of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the associated political, health, logististical and economic fallout has heightened the strain on government departments both big and small. If you work in this environment, you know the focus is on delivering the highest possible standard of vital services to your citizens. But to do this under pressure, you need to be operating on the most trustworthy information available. The last thing you should be worrying about is internal data governance. Alex Solutions is helping a range of government agencies across the world forge a path through uncertainty with data-driven decision making. The Alex Platform makes government data useful in supporting the entire operations cycle of everything from niche departments to federal agencies.

In today’s age, governments are constantly required to create and deliver new, cutting-edge digital services for citizens. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this has to be done all the more rapidly. Data is constantly evolving, its analytical value is contingent on it being fresh and accurate. You can’t make decisions about a mass vaccination program without knowing the state of play. You need the right technology that can continuously provide only the freshest and most useful metadata to data citizens. The Alex Platform makes your data useful by bringing active metadata to the fore in supporting the entire operations cycle of your enterprise. Alex provides insights into data with automated Quality and tracing analytics so that reporting can always be verifiable and accurate. The freshness and accuracy of data is always automatically analysed and displayed so that you can know which data is trustworthy at a glance. Directorate’s are using Alex’s reporting and analytics capabilities to make key decisions based on health data during the pandemic.

But no two citizens are the same. Everyone needs something different from their government. Departments across the government need specialised information to analyse operations and create unique and personalised experiences for citizens. Alex’s world-leading suite of search, analysis and collaboration features are available in the one platform, which unifies your entire data system to maximise the value of data in every public sector department. Successful governments are using Alex to enable self-service analytics, strongly governed infrastructure, and automated discovery of data across entire jurisdictions. But in a unified environment, clarity is still required. People and teams need common language and understanding across the government, despite differences between department areas. The Alex Intelligent Business Glossary combats this complexity by unifying and making accessible all definitions, policies, metrics, rules, processes, workflows and more. Configurable roles align with responsibilities so that your people only view what’s useful to them, and automated workflows facilitate collaboration by standardising and tracking processes. This way, data and analytics processes are streamlined and operational efficiency and knowledge sharing across departments is facilitated.

Governments also have a responsibility to safeguard the sensitive information of their citizens. Alex provides insights into security and risk with reporting and analytics, including compliance dashboards and data usage reporting. There are tools for governing data usage by explore query counts, user identity, business unit, and risk classification by exposure and impact ratings. Compliance is standardised and enforced through Workflows where tasks can be automated through event triggers. Notifications and subscriptions alert roles and users to changes or actions. Some leading government departments and global companies comply with applicable data privacy regulations.

Built from day one with the future of large-scale data management and value in mind, Alex is the best tool to facilitate the challenging but promising digital transformation happening in all major governments around the world today. Get in touch with our expert team to find out how Alex can meet and exceed your specific departmental needs today.

About Alex Solutions

Alex Solutions is the Enterprise Data Platform for workforce productivity. We leverage the power of metadata to reduce risk and create value for our customers. Our mission is to empower everyone to quickly find, understand, protect and ethically use data. This is achieved via our leading Connector Marketplace and rich feature suite. We are growing our global footprint, with customers and partners all over the world. For more information, visit or contact



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Alex Solutions

Alex Solutions

ALEX™ is a Metadata Management Solution designed to empower everyone to securely find, understand, protect, and use the world’s data.