Key Trends in Metadata Management

Looking ahead in Metadata Management

Current Challenges

The continued dominance of digital business has given rise to a wave of transformations. Information in the form of data assets is flooding into most organisations and creating internal complexity.

Coordinating the various different sources, categories, users and functions of data assets and metadata across an organisation is a complex task that can lead to a muddled and disconnected approach.

To democratise enterprise data and manage endless complexity an enterprise-wide metadata management program must be established. This centralisation and operationalisation of data is only possible on this scale with high levels of automation and easy to learn and use software.

Gartner have found that effective metadata management unlocks business value from an enterprise’s data. This value can include but is not limited to:

  • Avoiding penalties for lack of compliance with corporate and data governance frameworks such as the GDPR by clearly identifying sensitive data
  • Automation and repeatable processes for data sharing and use
  • Improved risk management, understanding of change and impact analysis within the enterprise through data lineage
  • Classifying data assets and placing them in the business context for easy understanding
  • Bridging the gap between technical and business context

But according to Gartner, most enterprises still do not have a metadata management strategy.

The Solution

Though not a cure-all, the quickest and best way to begin implementing a metadata management strategy requires an all-in platform to facilitate this. Alex Solutions excels as just such a platform, with a vision to become the “master” of data in every enterprise.

Alex supports some of the world’s leading companies to capture metadata from their entire system and situate it in a single Catalog. This single source of truth for the organisation is the foundation for the broad suite of features within Alex to start unlocking latent value in your data.

From the start, the Alex platform has been built with the industry-leading AI and automation capabilities necessary for truly consumerising your enterprise data. Taking design cues from the most used softwares on earth, Alex specialises in making the complex simple with powerful visualisation. Leveraging data to personalise and anticipate user needs is as core to Alex as the Catalog itself. The experience of each user is fully configurable to their specific role and working habits, with high-value, low-clutter user interfaces that make it easy to analyse and act.

End-to-end social functionality connects users and teams across the enterprise, allowing for seamless information sharing. Workflows ensure processes are visible, tracked and compliant — enabling even the newest members of your team to contribute to complicated internal procedures

This multidisciplinary functionality that is core to Alex aligns with the need for enterprises to reduce costs and generate ROI faster. It is no longer acceptable for a data management system to take years before delivering a return. Alex Solutions can be fully operational at any enterprise in a matter of days and immediately begin realising the value of your data. As key trends in metadata management develop, Alex will only continue to leverage automation and the cloud as critical dimensions offering hard and fast benefits to any organisation.

If you’re looking into metadata management systems, get in contact with our team to arrange an Alex demonstration addressing your specific needs today.



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