Mar 17, 2021

3 min read

Alex Solutions Introduces Unparalleled Cloud Platform

  • Cloud Native: Alex’s cloud native strategy is fully realised, allowing the application to deploy onto all major cloud platforms including Azure, Google Cloud Platform and AWS. Here, customers can leverage the vast Connector Marketplace to seamlessly integrate with their preferred cloud and on-prem systems. In a flash, data citizens can benefit from the full suite of Alex features including our Automated Data Lineage and Intelligent Business Glossary.
  • System Migration and Decommissioning support: System migration and decommissioning is complicated and high-risk, partly because of the time-consuming process of understanding sensitivities and dependencies. Alex automates granular impact analysis, capturing key information about data assets including a complete data lineage mapping their relationships, business context, usage, ownership, sensitivity and more. Making reliable decisions is easy when you know which data you can trust — moving systems is no longer a headache.
  • Multi-Cloud and Hybrid: The world’s best companies are building complex cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments to orchestrate all the data, applications, resources and services that they deal with. Alex is a sole platform that unifies all these systems in the one easy-to-use and feature rich application. Solutions aren’t pieced together like other vendors, Alex Cloud Platform is ready to create value straight out of the box.
  • Learn more about Alex Solutions, which was recently recognised as a Leader in the Gartner Metadata Management Solutions Magic Quadrant.
  • Learn more about the Alex Cloud Platform.